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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 16 Day 7


I've been in a great mood today. It's a beautiful day outside which I think helps that. I had to go to a different store this morning to pick up a few things for my store. On the way I was able to stop for a huge energy drink from Circle K( usually part of Shell gas stations). They have fountain drinks, any size, for .79 cents everyday. Some locations have "Full Throttle" as a choice and its like a Monster energy drink. It's really good and considering they are like 2 dollars a can everywhere else it's a good deal. So I get those quite a bit if I have a chance. It's like my coffee.

The wife is home and hopefully putting away some of her clothes. She has them all over the place still. We'll see.

I'm thinking about getting my motorcycle from my parents house later today or tomorrow(I'm off). It's just been so nice out and I can't wait to ride it on the country roads by our house.


Went and got the bike. On my way home from work it was about 63 degrees out. When I was riding the bike it had dropped to below 50 degrees. That is COLD when your moving fast. I had quite a bit o clothing on including riding jacket and helmet. So that helped but it still was chilly. But I made it home safely and the bike fits in the garage like I thought it would(pic). Had Culver's for dinner which is always good. Even had some ice cream. Was like a little date, something we don't do much of anymore. It was nice for a change.

She made a long list of baby names she likes. We went through them all in the car on the way to get the bike. I liked quite a few of them. Now we just have to wait and see what the gender is so we can narrow it down even further.

Supposed to be nice out again tomorrow so I think I'll take the bike for a cruise while she's at work. We'll see. We have directv coming back in the afternoon to set everything up.

Oh! And she complained about our washer and dryer, since its so small and loaded with lint from the previous lady that lived here. The landlord is buying a whole new set and we will have it on Thursday! Sweet!

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