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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Week 16 Day 6


Working all day. Not much going on. My wife is in another state for her cousin's baby's 1st birthday party. She seems crabby and stressed out today so maybe it's good she's in another state!

Our Directv installer came this morning only to tell us we need to go through the company that is contracted to our homes. Like a "cable broker" I guess. Called them and they are coming on Monday to hook up our cable and Internet. I guess two more days isn't that big of a deal. Was just excited to finally have it today. Oh well.


Had chili's for dinner. They have a 2 for $20 deal going on and their food is pretty good. Plus it's enough for leftovers. We ended up out by the restaurant because we had to guide her mom back to the highway from our new place. I had a margarita and it was pretty decent. Our appetizer was good too. Crispy onions and jalepenos. Of course she asked for extra jalepenos because she has been craving so much spicy food lately.

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