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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week 11 Day 6


Been a busy morning at work! I can't believe almost another week has gone by. It goes so fast.

Made Carne Asada on grilled tortillas and some bacon and eggs before that. Sold out of all the Carne Asada right away bit was really good. My wife is at a banquet for her church with her mom today.

She had that horrible headache last night and into this morning. She text me this a little while ago: "I iced my neck for a while and then massaged my forehead temples and between my eyebrows with oil and then did my neck with oil and I think I got rid of it maybe just helped it a lot?! I'm not sure". Proper grammar I know... But maybe that can help someone with a similar problem.

Alright enough writing I'm starving. Time to eat lunch!


Work day is over in thirty minutes so that's good. I am pretty excited that I sold a workout inflatable ball on EBay today for 30 dollars, and I picked it up on a deals website for 4 dollars. Not a bad investment if you ask me.

Oh and Blackhawks won again. Extending their winning streak by one more game. Amazing.


Wife's sleeping already. I attempted to make homemade yogurt so that is "incubating" right now. I have to leave it sit overnight for the cultures to do their thing. Hopefully it works. And thank god it's Monday tomorrow because I have an appointment to my hair cutter! I need one bad.

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