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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week 11 Day 5


Pretty tired today at work. I have been cooking a lot though. Made chorizo and eggs for breakfast. Now just made lemon pepper breaded chicken cutlets. When I'm off break I am going to make teriyaki chicken with caramelized pineapples. If people don't like that I will retire or something. Today, my store manager pushed me into making intercom announcements about the samples. I am pretty shy around the public and was never a great speaker. I avoided speech class at all costs. Anyways I did it and it wasn't so bad. I'm sure ill do a few more before the work day is over. It works.

My wife is at home and I guess she made breakfast for everyone. Except for me obviously. She wasn't feeling very good this morning and her neck and back are always bothering her. That could be from the car accident we were in at the beginning of last year though. She had to have shoulder surgery a few months back for it. Probably nothing to do with being pregnant, or maybe it just adds to it. I don't know.


Did a couple more announcements. It's getting easier now. Made the caramelized pineapples. So delicious and so simple. Just heat some butter and fry up some pineapple rings in it that have been covered in brown sugar. It makes like a caramel glaze. Then made some teriyaki chicken cutlets. Those were really good as well.

I talked to my wife and she is out running around with her sister. That's good that they spend some time together. I think girls need that. Sounds like she puked in the car again today(in a bag!). At least she plans ahead.


She has a really bad headache. She's been in bed all evening because of it. Also she said she had a weird feeling earlier while she was at Panera Bread, almost like a shakey seizure-like feeling where she had to sit down for a minute. Hopefully she can sleep it off.

We tried the "ring and chain" test where you dangle your ring above the expectant mother's palm of her hand. If it spins circular it means you are having a girl. If it rocks back and forth, a boy. Ours spun in a circle, but I'm not relying too heavily on it.

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