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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Week 12 Day 3


Wow busy morning! Went and seen 5 rental properties this morning with our Real Estate Agent. Only 2 were acceptable. One is 950 a month and small but nice area and clean. The other is 1000 and really nice but it's month-to-month. Meaning they can give us 30 days notice at any time and we have to find a new place. I really wish we were in a better situation to BUY our own place. It's much cheaper and you get a lot more.

Anyways I strained my yogurt overnight through a coffee filter to make it into Greek-style yogurt. Worked pretty well, I am amazed at how much liquid comes out of it. The yogurt is thicker now.

Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker

Jersey Mike's sandwich for lunch (#13 yum). If you have never been to one I highly recommend it. Make sure to get your sandwich "Mike's Way". And also try the cherry pepper relish, or as the enthusiastic employee called it, CPR. It's different but awesome.


Well I'm waiting in the car at my wife's new employer. She is going over paperwork and drug test/background check. She wanted me to go because her stomach was hurting. She says it feels like its stretching and it makes her uncomfortable. So I drove her. Trying to figure out when I can go look at some more places.


Well drug test passed ( not like it's a surprise!). We went to Olive Garden for dinner to celebrate a little. I need to find a copycat recipe of their salad dressing. That stuff is crazy good. She had eggplant Parmesan(she read somewhere that eggplant is very beneficial for pregnant women). I had a spicy shrimp vesuvio. Yum. Oh and calamari appetizer. We brought home a slice of raspberry cheesecake and split that just a few minutes ago (actually she took a couple bites in bed and fell asleep and I ate the rest, I love when that happens!). Now my stomach hurts. Too much fat and sugar probably. I don't usually eat stuff like that.

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