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Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 12 Day 4


She had really bad pains in her stomach last night and this morning. She was up a few times during the night complaining about it and was contemplating going to the E.R. She felt a little better this morning though, and went to work. She hasn't mentioned anything else about it today so I'm assuming its better. We still haven't officially announced yet, and she needs to go for the genetics testing ASAP. Well my break is over I just stuffed myself with yesterday's Olive Garden leftovers. Yum!


Man I have been eating really badly lately. I was doing real good the second half of last year. Nothing but pure clean foods everyday with one cheat day where I could eat anything I wanted. Lately I still work out regularly but haven't been watching my diet as closely. Oh well guess I need to get back with it. Part of the reason I think is because its EXPENSIVE to eat whole clean foods all the time. It's pretty sad really. The garbage food is cheap and readily available and convenient.

Going tonight after work to look at another property.


I feel so burnt out today. My legs are sore from my workout yesterday and I must just be tired too. I don't feel like doing much. My wife called my work crying because she found out some bad news about some people she knows. The situations are bad but I'm sure her emotions are a little exaggerated by the hormones too... They say you are more emotional when your pregnant.


Really liked this house we looked at today. It's big and newer, and very cheap. The taxes where we live are ridiculously high but there is no avoiding it. It is what it is. Anyways we will keep looking but this one is definitely the favorite so far. Thanks to our realtor for finding it only because e drives past it everyday going to work. It's closer to my wife's work and about 30 minutes from mine. Which is about ten minutes longer than what I drive now(no big deal). Looks like the Blackhawks might lose their first game this season tonight. Bummer!!

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