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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week 12 Day 5


Was a few minutes late to work this morning thanks to my wife taking forever to make me a sandwich for lunch. Guess I can't complain because I could make it myself instead. She puked a few times already today. Can't keep anything down. But she's doing laundry and cleaning up while I'm at work which is always good. I hate doing that stuff.

Really hoping things will work out for that house last night. We both loved it. We'll see. Running out of time day by day.

She keeps forgetting to take her prenatals. Hopefully that's not that big of a deal. You get most of your vitamins from what you eat anyways.


We need to move so bad. My wife asked our brother-in-law a question about mortgages and it ended up being a lesson about money and they got into an argument. He called her a lazy c*nt and threw something at her. So now I have to deal with this situation while I'm trying to get things done at work. Why can't life ever just be easy. I mean we are treated like slaves where we are now. They say never to live with family. Yesterday we were told to literally get on our hands and knees and scrub the kitchen floors and cabinets. Really? While he sleeps all day long and let's the dogs crap and pee all over the house. Can't wait to get out.


Well, we are staying with my grandparents for now. What a mess. Although this is probably much better. We are going to try our hardest to get a place ASAP. Just getting some laundry done now. Will write more tomorrow. Had a long day today. Ok sure the baby did too. Very stressful.

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