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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 10 Day 6


Been busy at work today cooking up samples again. On my first break now, I have been here since 9am. I think I am in trouble for skipping my hour lunch break yesterday to go home an hour earlier. Ehhh. Made some breaded Italian chicken cutlets. Now have some cracker breaded Cajun catfish frying up. It's a good day.

This morning my wife was complaining about her back and hips hurting. Poor girl. She was really good to me today though. She got up and made me a fantastic lunch for work and was really sweet to me. That's always good.


Well I take back what I said earlier about being a good day. Right before leaving work I smashed my finger on the meat grinder trying to loosen a bolt. Possibly fractured, swelled up pretty good and painful. Then I come home and empty the dishwasher and manage to stick my finger with an upward angled knife. So I decided I better relax and sit down before I hurt myself even more.

She hasn't thrown up at all yet today. She's with her sister at their parents house. So I'm home and bored. Guess ill work out again.


She brought me some buffalo wings and ranch. My favorite. She knows me too well. She was actually naming all my favorite foods and ones I hate. She's very observant. She's been craving a lot o spicy food lately. Which is weird because my mother was the same way while pregnant with me.

I LOVE anything spicy.

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