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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Week 10 Day 5


I have to work all day. This morning went well. My wife made me a lunch for work to save some money. Baby bump is getting bigger and bigger.


Too much help today at work so we are all standing around bored. I have been cooking samples for customers all day to pass the time(I work in a grocery meat market). Bacon and turkey sausage. Then sautéed Swai(pangasius, mild white fish). Now some Cajun blackened grouper. My wife is out shopping with her sister. Must be feeling pretty good today.


About 30 minutes until I can leave work. Thank God! All I have done today is make samples and eat most of it myself! All delicious though and came up with some new ideas. Putting my culinary arts degree to work!


Walked into her watching the movie Sinister. She said it's very scary and recommended for you scary movie fans. I personally hate them. I'm a wuss with scary movies. I once watched The Ring by myself with all the lights on and the movie on mute the whole time.

No sickness yet today. Hopefully it's starting to subside.


She's cooking dinner. I said I didn't like how the vinaigrette tasted that she made and she got all mad. Emotions of a pregnant woman are insane. Guess its bedtime for me. Stay out of her way.


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