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Friday, February 22, 2013

Week 10 Day 4


Lots of snow overnight! Sitting in my car eating lunch at work. Not much going on today. We both got up and got to work. She seemed to be feeling ok today other than her back and feet feeling sore.


Headed to a friend's for the Blackhawks hockey game and some pizza. She said she had a weird "flick-like" feeling coming from where the baby is. Almost like it moved. Weird. Pretty early I would think for something like that...


Hawks are winning. My wife is puking in the bathroom. Bummer.


Miller 64 always makes me tired and crabby. It's nice to have a designated driver at all times now. We don't drink very often anymore(her not at all now since pregnant. Obviously). Guess we grew out of that stage. At least the hawks won. Beat the record for most consecutive games won to begin a season. 14-0-3. Goodnight world.


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