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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Week 10 Day 3


I'm off today. Thank God. I was on vacation all last week(paid, of course), then worked Monday, off Tuesday(paid too, for my birthday), worked Wednesday, now off today. Sometimes my job isn't so bad I suppose.  Anyways my wife is running out the door to work, she's a little behind this morning. She made gluten-free pancakes for breakfast. We used some REAL maple syrup too, that we got from my Dad who lives on the east coast. He tapped the tree himself. Pretty good stuff, not that high fructose corn syrup crap.
Gluten-Free pancakes with REAL maple syrup

I forgot to mention yesterday that she told me that she was really cramping bad. She was a little worried about it but I guess she is feeling better today. The pancakes almost made her throw up though. Not because they were bad, but because she ate too much. I don't know if that had anything to do with the pregnancy or not. The doctor prescribed her Zofran (Ondansetron) to help with the nausea. She takes it occasionally, but only when absolutely necessary. If you are having nausea issues look into it because it really does help her.



Joined They have all kinds of forums for pregnancy and a special section for fathers/men. I'll check it every once-in-a-while and see if I can learn anything from it. Wife is still at work, she just text me that she is getting Chipotle for lunch. JEALOUS! Guess I'll just go work out.


She came home after work and started an argument with me about having diet soda around her future children. I do drink it occasionally. Nowhere near like I used to because the health effects are terrible. However I feel like if we keep things away from our kids they are more likely to do it behind our backs anyways. Maybe just limit them or demonstrate to them why we don't drink much soda and the reasons why.

I just made lunch since she had chipotle.

Lunch- Tortilla Tilapia with Greek Yogurt "tartar" sauce, and some nectarines.
She is complaining of her back hurting again. This is everyday. She is always sore. Sometimes I just think she likes when I rub her back and massage her that she exaggerates it a little bit. Although when she stood up off the bed she nearly fell to the floor with a crippling pain in her lower back. Pregnancy related or not I do not know.

She just left for a second interview for a different job. Better paying so that would be great. Wish her luck! We could use the extra income, looking to buy a house in the near future, before baby arrives.


She was told that out of 900 people interviewed, she made it to the top 2. The lady is so impressed with what she already knows how to do that she is just sure that she will be able to nail the last interview, which is sometime next week. I'm hoping and praying for that because it's a much better opportunity.

We ran to TJ Maxx to look for a blazer for her, because she doesn't have any. She will need one to look professional for the next interview.  No luck there. Clothes Mentor was our next stop. They sell lightly used clothes for a huge discount. She found two blazers for really cheap, that were practically brand new. Heck, she will probably only wear them once or twice anyways. Oh, and sorry to the parking lot for the throw up. Pregnant women can't help it. Hope you understand.

We had a gift card to Red Lobster so we stopped there for dinner, assuming we could find something there to split for a fairly reasonable price (save save save!). She puked in the parking lot before going in, and again after walking in(in the bathroom). I ordered 6 fresh oysters on ice because I have been craving them. She can't have them because it's raw shellfish, maybe a bad choice on my part, because she loves them. She had some clam chowder, and we ended up splitting a pasta with lobster and mussels and some other seafood stuff.

Came home and watched a little TV and ate some Oreo ice cream. YUM. Have to watch what we are eating though, don't want to gain too much weight! Especially me, I try to eat healthy most of the time.

Raw Oysters


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