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Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 10 Day 7


My wife made me a good quick breakfast. Clementine, hard boiled egg, and a pistachio walnut muffin. She is getting more and more energy lately. Thank God. For a while there she was really lazy and it drove me nuts. She's getting ready for work now. I'm off today.


Took a long drive through some neighboring towns. Exploring some different housing options. I wish the taxes weren't so outrageous everywhere out here. We need to make some more money. Baby's coming soon and we don't even have our own home.


Just got some Mexican food with my wife at a new place I saw earlier while driving around. It was pretty good. Now off to Target to get some necessities. Can't believe how much laundry detergent and toilet paper costs. Grrrr!


Spent a little time in the infant section looking at baby clothing and swings. Target has a big selection of that stuff for a decent price. Also found a huge clearance section full of diapers and other things that are ridiculously expensive. We should have stocked up for the future. Oh well. I'm sure when we need the things they will be full price.

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