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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Week 11 Day 3


Lots of mood swings. One minute she's happy the next she's crying and doesn't even know why. Guys you have to be careful at this stage that's for sure! Be easy on what you say and make sure to let her know she's beautiful! She always tells me she feels fat and bloated and ugly compared to other girls and she is very emotional/sensitive about it.


Trying to figure out ways to announce that we are pregnant. Most of our family and close friends know already, but we wanted to wait until 12 weeks to announce officially( you know, like on Facebook, because Facebook is the new official source of information these days). Been looking online for creative ideas but it will probably end up just being some boring status update because neither of us are very creative. She is more so than I.

Time is flying by. A lot of things need to happen in the near future. We need to move out and find our own place. We have a baby shower all lined up already, so that's good. We need to reduce some debt, which is extremely difficult. However, with this new job she interviewed for yesterday, it would really help, so let's hope and pray. It would help if I could get a promotion as well. I have been waiting for years, it's starting to get old. I feel like I am getting nowhere. I even have a relevant college degree, and have been formally trained to do the work. Still nope.

Time to take out some frustration on some weights.


Well we were going to eat lunch and she ended up having to puke in the car. Awesome. At least we had a bag in there. But lucky I had to do the walk of shame with the puke filled bag to the garbage can in Walgreen's parking lot. Not sure what she ate or what triggered it today, but she couldn't wait. At least my torta was delicious. For those of you who don't know what a mexican torta is, stop what your doing and go find a little authentic mexican place and get you one. It's like the mexican version of a burger or sandwich, but with all their good meat/avocado/mayo with lime/cheese and whatever else you want. So good!!

On a good note, she got called back for a second interview. That's always a good sign. Tomorrow at 3:30pm. Maybe good things will start to come our way, and finances will sort themselves out. That would be great!

Her sister is really sick, came home early from work. My wife is hoping that she's pregnant because she knows how much they would love to have a child. Plus it would be cool to have cousins around the same time. Who knows, probably just the flu. 

My brother-in-law is making steaks right now, it smells so good. I better get down there before I miss out. 

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