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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 13 Day 3


Well, I am almost off work (5pm). Made some good snacks today. Shredded chicken nachos with roasted corn salsa. Now some Carne Asada Skirt steak. Guess I'm doing a little Mexican flair today. I don't know why but it is all pretty tasty. My wife just left my work, she came to get some food for tonight. My dad will be here tonight so she is going to make some chicken and a fancy salad(all crap I don't really like, but if it makes her happy then let it be).

It has been pretty exciting to be able to show people the ultrasound pictures today. Now that it actually looks like a little baby. Makes me more excited and less worried about the arrival!


Watching the Blackhawks game with my dad. They've lost the last two games so hopefully they will win this one.

My wife made a good dinner for us tonight. Greek chicken and mashed potatoes, asparagus, and Caesar salad. And then she did all the dishes too! She said she has dessert for us too. Wow. Impressive. She has always been a very good cook. I have a culinary arts degree but I never even cook because she does it so well, and enjoys to. That's fine with me. I cook enough at work.

Been wishing I was somewhere warm lately. Nothing beats a cold beer on a beach somewhere. I really like Panama City Beach, FL and Key West, FL. Maybe we can get down there sometime before the baby. I'm sure we won't be going anywhere for a while after September.

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