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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week 13 Day 2


We both got up around 8am this morning. She made some toast for both of us with this organic coconut spread we got from whole foods. It's made by Earth Balance and is really good. It's much healthier for you as well. She also made chicken salad with some chunk canned chicken and fresh dill, mayo, greek yogurt, dill pickle relish, and a little sour cream. It's pretty good. That's what we are both taking for lunch at work. Of course, she is already at work, and I work 1pm-9pm today. We don't see much of eachother on Wednesdays. I almost always work the night shift.

I have been looking at apartment complexes most of the morning but we are trying to stay away from them. You don't get much for your money and seems from all the reviews they are nothing but problems. If anyone reading this has some input on any of this housing mess that would be appreciated.

Our necks and backs are killing us from this bed we've been sleeping on here. It's very small and firm. We have a nice king size memory foam mattress waiting for us when we get into our own place, no room here for it.

My grandpa goes to the doctor tomorrow still down in Texas to find out if his blood pressure level is stable enough to catch a airplane home. We will see what happens. My dad went down there to drive back his truck and camper for them since the doctors don't want him on the road driving for a couple days. He was fainting because of his blood pressure.


Bored at work. She had a genetics test done today to find out if their is possibly anything wrong with the baby, like Down's syndrome, cerebral palsy, etc. But she also had another ultrasound which is exciting. Unfortunately I couldn't be there this time. She called me at work and said "Oh my God! The baby has your big nose!!" Haha that's not good! Pictures to come after I get home.


Well I am so excited to see the first "detailed" pictures of our baby! I wish I could have gone. She said she got to watch the baby for a long time on a monitor while the nurse tried to get it to move. She said it was very stubborn and didn't want to move. Just wanted to chill out and relax. Like it's dad! The side profile does look similar to mine which is pretty cool! My wife said that the baby arched it's back a couple times, gulped some fluid (drinking), and even was sucking it's thumb. How crazy to think how much it has developed since a few weeks ago and the last ultrasound.

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