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Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 12 Day 7


Still at grandparents. She is at work(much farther away now) and I'm off today. Got our laundry done and eating some leftovers for lunch. I am missing my workout gear pretty bad! I had to resort to doing push-ups and sit-ups today. Not the same without machines and free weights.

We are going to look at the nice rental property I liked again in a little bit. My wife hasn't seen it and I think we may have to rent until we can get our buying situation straightened out. There's just not enough room here for us to stay. We have a lot of crap. Mainly clothes. Hers...

Killed a tarantula sized spider our first night here. Was pretty scary. Not sure if I mentioned in another post or not but my grandparents are on vacation currently but coming home possibly tomorrow. They have been gone since beginning of February so house had been empty for a little while. It was pretty nasty and I almost had a heart attack when I turned on the bathroom light and it scattered across the floor in front of me. Yikes I HATE spiders. Such a wuss!


Getting ready to make some pork chops for dinner. Also we are watching the final episode of The Bachelor(the only episode we've watched). I can see why people get addicted to these shows because they definitely draw you in. At the same time, it is pretty stupid. I mean come on really? These girls fall in love so easily. They know at the end that only one can get proposed to. Then they are all crying and "oh my god, how could he do this to me?!!?!?" Get real.

In the car earlier, while coming back from seeing the rental, my wife had really bad pains in her right abdomen. She said its been going on for a day or two now but this was the worst yet. She had to lay down in the car and even called her doctor. They gave her a number to call but it subsided so she never called. She thinks it might be related to her gall bladder? All I know was she was very uncomfortable from it. Probably stress.

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