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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week 16 Day 4


Pretty uneventful day so far. I'm working until 6. My wife thinks she can feel the baby now by pushing on her stomach. I tried and I'm not too sure but it does seem like it. Pretty cool. She got her first paycheck yesterday so now we can finally have an idea of what to base our income off of. To help figure out finances. I think we will be fine.


Well I am sitting at the nail salon waiting for her to get all that girly stuff done. I think I am going to be high from the fumes.

I am actually sitting in one of the pedicure chairs waiting and the little Asian lady turned on the massage for me. Wow. I think I like it here after all.

We dropped off some clothes at the dry cleaner because we have my cousin's wedding tomorrow night. Nothing like last minute you know?

Going to run across the street to kohls and Maurice's if we have time. She needs a new dress for tomorrow. If there's one reasonably priced.

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