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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week 15 Day 7



My wife is already making me breakfast. Apple jacks and a "Bagel-ful". Yum.

Last night we ordered our living room set. Finally. Got a great deal and even talked them down more. We have to wait til the end of April before we will have them. Also went to Target and got some new stools for the kitchen bar(pic). She bought rugs and a coffee pot, a wireless router because directv is coming on Saturday for cable TV and Internet. So we are pretty much set now except for the dining room. We just use the kitchen bar for now. It's not a huge priority.

Spent most of last night putting together these stools. Actually fell asleep on the floor mid-assembly. Oh well they are done now and much better than the single wooden stool we had before.


We went to my cousin's new house for my family's side for Easter. Beautiful home! It's older but the inside is very modern and updated. We liked it a lot. The food was really good too. Ham, asparagus, potatoes, and the desserts! My aunt always makes the best desserts! She also surprised us with some new dinner plate sets and some of my grandparents old pots and pans. That helps us out a lot. Now we can finally make food on the stove and stop using paper plates!

We went to my wife's parents house after. Of course I ate again there (she didn't. She was still full). They had salmon and ham and a really tasty and mustardy potato salad. Yum. I ended up passing out on the couch because I drank all day long(not something I usually do, still really tired as I write this). I wasn't drunk. I just get tired when I drink. It was a long day.

We came home with a lot more stuff for the house!

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