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Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 16 Day 1


Can't believe it's April already. Can't wait to get back on the motorcycle! However it's up for sale because it isn't something we need anymore. (Hopefully nobody buys it until after summer. Shhh).

Yesterday was Easter and our 3 year anniversary(from the day we ever started dating). Now today starts week 16 and is April fool's! I need to think of something clever to do to my wife. Hmmm.

Easy day at work, just some cleaning up to do from Easter. My poor wife texted me and said that somebody dropped her whole lunch on the ground at work so she had to buy a new one(maybe its just an excuse. Probably). I had banana pudding and raviolis.

I forgot to mention that a couple days ago we were watching a movie and she told me that she was feeling real emotional for no reason. Then she just started crying out of nowhere and she didn't know why. I will never understand pregnancy hormones.


My wife forgot her keys at home so when she came here after work she couldn't get in. She got home about an hour before I got off work and I'm about 45 minutes away. There would be no point for her to drive all the way to my work to get my keys so she just went to Kohl's and walked around for a little bit until I got home. I can't say I'm surprised. She is always forgetting/misplacing things. I made her put her house keys on her car key ring so that she can't leave without them.

She made some tilapia for dinner and did some laundry. I was able to get a quick workout in and now we are going to watch Hall Pass and go to sleep. Lunches are made for tomorrow and it's only 9:30pm! Going to bed early is great.

We have noticed she is starting to get more acne on her back. She never really had any before.

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