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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 21 Day 7


Busy, busy, busy at work this morning! All last minute shoppers for Mother's Day I suspect. Typical. We get some more help in 30 minutes, just in time to not matter. Lots of people start going out for brunch/lunch or do things around the house at this time. It should start to die down a little bit. 

My wife is spending her first "Mother's-To-Be" Day by cleaning the house. Or at least she says she is. What a good wife, I am very lucky to have her. She even made me a lunch for work. Today is supposed to be her day to relax and be pampered. This is why I married her!


Ready to go home! Now it is boring at work because there is a lot of help and nothing much left to do. I did make some Sesame-Teriyaki Burgers for samples though. I haven't cooked much lately. Been using my extra time to learn the cutting techniques.


Wife is cooking dinner now. Before that, we were laying on the couch watching "Long Island Medium" (one of her favorite shows) and we could actually see her stomach moving when the baby kicked. Pretty cool. Very hard to see though, you have to watch closely. My stepsister told her that she can put a paper plate on her stomach and it will move when the baby kicks, makes it easier to notice.

I also got a nice footrub after I came home. It's Mother's Day, why am I getting a footrub? Hey, I'm not complaining!!

At least I am off tomorrow. I am pretty worn out, considering this weekend at work was busier than normal. 4:00pm tomorrow we will be able to see our daughter on screen again! A lady that I work with wants a copy of the ultrasound picture. She won't tell me exactly why but I have a feeling it's for some sort of gift. My boss knows what it's for and although she didn't tell me, she said that it's really nice and that we will like it a lot. It's nice to work with people that are compassionate about family life other than just what happens at work. My boss even said she would be happy to help out babysitting. Hopefully we won't need to rely on that but it's nice to have the offer if we ever needed the help. One of the guy's I work with has two young kids, he doesn't make much and his girlfriend doesn't work. He struggles to pay the bills but does what he has to to keep a roof over his family's heads. Instead of buying eachother gifts last Christmas, we all pitched in and helped him pay for Christmas gifts for his kids. I know he had purchased gifts, but had to return some of them in order to pay his bills. It was pretty hard on him, but we helped him get those gifts again. I thought it was great. I like to give as much as I can, I don't care what I have anymore. Life isn't about getting, it's about giving and helping others. The older I get the more I realize that.

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