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Monday, May 13, 2013

Week 22 Day 1


Happy Ultrasound Monday!

I want to share a website that I added to my Resources page yesterday. has adorable gift baskets for newborns, mothers, baby showers, etc. I found them online yesterday and my wife and I spent quite some time looking through them with a lot of "aweeee's!" 

Well, I am off today so that I can go to the ultrasound at 4pm. But until then, I guess I will do what I do every day that I have to myself... CLEAN


One more hour and my wife will be home to pick me up. In the meantime, I am going to check out some baby shower cake ideas online. I really like cakes covered in fondant. I don't know if we are going to do traditional pink though. Maybe something different?  


You would think that of all places, an OB/GYN's office would know how to keep a pregnant woman's hormones under control. She's not happy, and now I'm stuck hearing about how disappointed she is in the quality of the ultrasound pictures we were given. This is the first ultrasound she has had with our new practitioner. In previous ultrasounds, we were spoiled with the quality of the pictures, always given 3d/4d, and we could really see how our baby was developing and changing drastically. We were excited to see her facial features in better detail, instead we were given black and white photos of her leg and foot, face straight on, facial profile, and another reassuring us that she is a girl.... No changes there! Phew! Thank God we don't have to re-register for all boy's stuff, that would have really been a nightmare.

We are going to check out the Maternity Suites at the smaller, country hospital. Maybe this will help to get her mind off of the quality of the ultrasound pictures. Hopefully we will really like it (I say "we", because I will be sleeping there too!) and decided that this will be where we'd like her to be born. It would be nice to have one more thing checked off of our BIG "to-do" list.


Well, I really liked the hospital, very laid back and country. My wife thinks she might be more comfortable at the bigger hospital. Ultimately, it matters what she wants. She is the one that has to push out a baby there. I just get to sit in their chairs. I do appreciate a nice chair.

She made some fish (random freezer fish, looked like cod?) for dinner. It was pretty good. Everything she makes is good. Our little girl will have a good teacher when it comes to cooking.

Wait until you see what she made me for lunch tomorrow...


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