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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Week 22 Day 2


We spent some time looking online at cakes last night. We have an idea of what we like, 
probably some sort of animal print. She really likes giraffe or zebra. To me, it doesn't really matter. 
Whatever makes her happy. I am very laid back about most of the baby shower stuff. 
It's more of a girl's thing anyways. 

Like the style, obviously not the color.

Some ideas that we like. Obviously, our cake will be a little different. We just like these styles.

Some advice from another daddy blogger -


Beautiful day in Chicago. Unfortunately I have to get to work :(


Why am I so spoiled by my wife? I mentioned that she made me something for lunch today that you had to see. It's almost funny. Like, who takes the time to fancy-up some plain Greek yogurt for a bagged lunch?

Too funny. I better enjoy it now because the fancy yogurt time will soon switch to filling bottles time. 


Ok I wasn't going to write. Just enjoy my last break. But I park in the back of the lot facing towards the rest of the lot. In the 10 minutes I have been sitting in my car, two different sets of cars have parked, each with a man and a woman driving each. They parked and one woman got into the man's car. Hugging, kissing, talking, then leaving in seperate cars. The same with the other pair of cars. Very strange and awkward. Am I witnessing cheaters? Maybe I should be a detective. 

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