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Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 21 Day 1


Break time. Haven't heard much from my wife. She must be staying busy at work. Which is good for job security. I will be cutting again today at work. I even got a training manual. My boss said it's like my "meat bible".

Another beautiful day outside. 75 and sunny right now.


On lunch, going to start cutting when I get back. My store manager just talked to me about how he is proud of me but at the same time counting on me as well. Only a few people company-wide were given the same position as I was. It's actually pretty rare. So he said luckily he acted on it right away when he saw it was available and was able to help me get the position. Guess I better not slack!


Go Bulls! I'm not a huge basketball fan but game 1 of the 2nd playoff series against the Miami Heat was pretty entertaining. The Heat are on fire, but the Bulls beat them. Even without a lot of their main players.

Had some jalapeƱo burgers for dinner that my wife made. We have both been really tired today. Not too sure why. Hopefully I'll have some more energy tomorrow. I have to work but then off on Wednesday and Thursday. We get our dining room set delivered on Wednesday. So that's exciting! Still have to make some room for it.

Felt some more kicking today. Wasn't as strong as the last time though.

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