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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 21 Day 2


Wow, it's hot in my car! It says it's 83 degrees outside. But the sun is beating down right into my black interior. Hey, it's better than cold!

Not too much going on this morning. Sometimes that's a good thing. We get our dining room set tomorrow. Pretty excited about that!


One of my wife's friends went into labor a little while ago. She is all excited about it. We didn't know she was pregnant until recently. We don't see many of our friends much anymore. I guess things change when you get older. Priorities change, locations change, and it's harder to keep in touch. Sometimes I miss being in my teens. But you can't be young forever. 

First day I have had to turn my a/c on to sit in my car on lunch. I will have to start bringing my lunch inside I guess. Don't need to be wasting an hour of gas everyday. 

Cooked up some bacon this morning for samples. Now this afternoon I made hot Italian sausage. My other employees said they really missed my cooking while I was on vacation!


My wife had a doctor's appt today after work. She almost forgot about it actually. She goes on Monday for her next ultrasound. I am hoping I can get off of work Monday, which I usually am, so that I can actually attend an appt instead of miss them all. I haven't been to one since the very first one at like 10 weeks was it? I can't remember. A while ago is all I know!

I was able to do some cutting at work today. I love it. I hope I can do more and more and get away from what I do now. That's my ultimate goal, and to move up higher in position. It will take some time but I'm pretty confident about it. 

Anyways, I am starting my "weekend" today, aka I am off the next two days. Going to get a few things around the house done tomorrow. My "grown-up" chores is what I like to consider them. 

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