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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week 21 Day 3


Up nice and early on my day off. Cleaned up around the house a little bit, have laundry going, and just finished a work out. Supposed to be nice out again today so I'm hoping to get a little motorcycle ride in before 1pm. I have to be home for delivery anywhere from 1pm-4pm. They always ruin the nice days off for me! At least this is the last furniture set that we need for a while. Bedroom set is next but that can wait. 

My wife's friend had her baby. She showed me a picture this morning. He's really cute. I hope our little girl is cute but I already know she will be! I think her mother has more dominant traits so probably will look more like her, which is not a bad thing!


I went out for a quick ride around 12:30pm. It's almost too warm out. Well, no, it's never too warm. But I actually pulled into the subdivision a few minutes after 1pm directly behind the furniture delivery truck. Because our building is tricky to find amongst the rest, I was able to sneak past them by taking a different drive through the subdivision. They never knew I wasn't even home! The table and chairs look and fit great! We love it! 

Once my wife gets it all situated in the dining area how she wants it I will put up a photo. 


I am watching the Bulls vs. Heat basketball game while my wife makes dinner. I think she is making some Grilled Chicken Pasta with Vodka Sauce (no, not alcoholic). The Bulls won the last game in the playoff series vs. the Heat but tonight they are getting walked all over. I'm not much of a basketball fan but the playoffs have been pretty entertaining. Plus, I watch the Blackhawks and they usually alternate days where each sport plays. The bulls one night and then the Blackhawks the next night. There's always something to watch. 

I don't think we are going to eat dinner at our new table because we don't have a tablecloth or placements for it. Would hate to scratch it already. 

Ok as I am writing this I guess I am wrong.  She is setting the table now. Dinner time!

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