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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Week 20 Day 7


Happy Cinco De Mayo!

As Ellen Degeneres says "I love Cinco De Mayo! Cinco stands for 5, and De Mayo stands for Shots of Tequila!"

Beautiful day here at work. My first day back after my vacation. Walked in with a coat on, now I'm outside on break, and it looks like I will be leaving it in the car. 76 and sunny.

I want everyone to remember that, whatever I post on my blog is what I am feeling/doing at that very moment. Hence the dates and times when I post. Feeling and emotions change daily. Everything I post I think twice about. If I feel it's going to cause a problem, I have already thought about it. Remember, this is a diary. It's meant to be read from the most recent post, to the oldest. That's all. Just because I feel a certain way one day, doesn't mean that won't change on the next. At the same time, things need to be brought to other's attention. Whether it be straightforward, or generalized. If it gets through then the point was made. And hopefully it helps or makes things better in the long run.

Wife is getting her nails done. Then hopefully she goes through some of her clothes because like every girl, she has way too many! Our closet needs to get bigger or something!


I was able to start cutting a little bit today at work. I did some basic boneless meat, and then they had me cutting bone-in pork on the bandsaw. I was nervous at first, but after a few chops were cut, it was no big deal. Just have to be careful with my hand placement and always respect the saw. The guys that don't, are the ones that cut their fingers off. 

We had some Mexican food for dinner. Tried a new local place that had good reviews on Yelp. I had a torta and my wife had flautas. It was all really good, perfect for Cinco De Mayo. Relatively cheap as well.

The baby was kicking while we were eating. Maybe she doesn't like Mexican food and was ticked off. Or maybe, if she is anything like her parents, she already LOVES it. We are both huge mexican food fans. Actually we like just about any ethnic food. Mexican, Polish, Italian, Indian, German, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, American, you name it we like it. But, this was the most prominent kicking I have ever felt. The first few times were more like a barely, "I think I felt it" kind of thing. This kicking was FOR SURE. A great experience but almost a little freaky for me. It's just weird to think that there is another human being inside her body. Soo weird!

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