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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Week 20 Day 6


Heading out to get some groceries and look at some dining room sets. We already love our new couches. I actually fell asleep on it last night and my wife had to come get me sometime in the middle of the night. Oops.

Our landlord came over this morning and fixed the closet door in the baby's room. It's made of cheap particle board so a piece got loose and it wasn't holding up. Because of that, it was somewhat unstable and actually FELL out of the track the other day. He came and secured it and got it all fixed up. We are lucky to have good, helpful landlords. But at the same time, they see that we take care of their place. And we can tell that they really appreciate it.


We went out to a few stores and looked at some dining room sets. We did NOT go to Ashley again! There is a few local places that had some good sales going on so we wanted to check them out. The first store we went to didn't have anything that we liked, at least not in the size we need. We can't fit a huge table in our dining room area, it's just not big enough. The second place had a few that we liked, but a little pricey, and we didn't LOVE them, just liked them. The last place we went to we met up with my mom. We really LOVED this one set that the lady showed us last. It was like it was meant to be. It was a perfect size but has a fold-away middle insert that makes it bigger, for in the future, in a bigger home or something. So we ordered it and it will be delivered on Wednesday! (Wait, not a month and a half later???) We are very excited about it, and have to thank my mom for the help!

There was a little store next door called Cutie Poops, or something like that. It is all organic baby stuff and cloth diapers. They do demonstrations and have workshops weekly, were very helpful, and might have changed our outlook on the whole cloth diaper idea. It seems to be a larger up front cost, but much cheaper in the long room. My wife was thinking we can do cloth at home, and maybe disposable diapers when we are out, or for babysitting. Anyways, something else we have to think about. They also had a lot of cute clothing, and accessories.

Grabbed some groceries from Aldi, our favorite store. You get so much for your money. Picked up a few necessities from Target as well. I love Target, but it is so easy to get carried away, and spend more than you intend. With Aldi, you feel like you are spending way too much, then you check out and it's nowhere near as expensive as you expected! I love that.

So my wife got some hair dye at Target, and that's pretty much how I've spent my night. She made me a nice strong Rum and Coke, and I helped her dye her hair. I'm pretty sure we don't have a normal relationship. Who's husband helps them dye their hair? She's lucky that's all I know.

Some organic baby toys

A typical Saturday night, no more going out to bars!

Our new dining room set! With the insert tucked away.

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