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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 14 Day 7


15 weeks tomorrow. Time is flying by that's for sure!

I'm at work until 5. First day driving from the new place. Took me about 30 minutes. But today is a Sunday so a regular weekday will be longer. Luckily I have a new car that is really efficient on gas.

My wife texted me a little bit ago and said that the kitchen is almost completely finished. Her mom is on her way there to help and is going to stay the night to help tomorrow too. My wife starts her new job tomorrow but I am off so we should be able to get some things done.


Came home to the kitchen in a much better shape. The three of us sorted a lot more stuff. From the moment I walked in(about 5:30pm), until now(10:30pm). There is still quite a bit to do. Our electric bill will probably be pretty high from all the laundry and dish washing and lights being on all day every day.

Right now my wife is writing a list of things we need to get. Mostly little things like a toaster, bread box, glue, cups, etc. She needs to get to bed though because she has to wake up early to start her new job!!

She has been feeling much better. I think morning sickness is a thing of the past. Now she just gets weird stomach pains occasionally.

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