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Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 15 Day 1


Another busy day. I was off and my wife started her new job. She left at around 7am. Of course she woke me up, but I don't really sleep in anyways. I used to be able to sleep until 2 in the afternoon. Those days are gone.

I did fall back asleep until about 9am when her mom came in and told me that I had better get up so that my wife doesn't come home and ask why I slept all day when there is so much to do! We headed out to explore all the stores in the area to gather some little things we need. We found plenty of things at Dollar Tree. It's amazing the things you can still get for a dollar. Especially since the same items are at the regular department stores for a higher price. Also found a nice big Super Target where we picked up a few things like a toaster oven, crock pot, and small space heater for the entrance way.

We went into the next town over and found a Family Dollar and got another 30 dollars worth of cups and little accessories. Everyone out here is very laid back and friendly. We are out in the country now compared to the city life that we are more used to. We already love it.

Her mom and I grabbed McDonald's for lunch and came back to the place and put everything away. I bought a small storage shelf at Target that I put together quickly before my wife got home from work to make it look like I actually did something today. Haha. Shhhh.

She came home around 5pm and immediately told us how much she loves her new job. She is already learning most of her duties and her past experience has given her a big head start. They were very impressed by what she can already do without direction.

Her and I ran to the currency exchange because she needs a copy of her birth certificate for her job. It takes a few days to receive it though. I never knew you could obtain those records from a currency exchange, learn something new everyday.

After that we stopped at Walmart for a "few" food staples to get us by. Well a few turned into just about everything. She stopped a few times while shopping because of cramps from the baby. They are strong enough for her to make an "ow face" if that makes sense. Happens a couple times a day it seems. We are nice and stocked up now and this place is really starting to feel more like our home.

She made dinner for the first time here. Just some pasta with sauce. We picked up some cheap pans for now and they worked fine for dinner. We used paper plates though because we don't have a regular dinner plate set.

Her mom is going to stay the night again so we are all watching Identity Thief. We both have to work in the morning so early to bed.

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