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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week 14 Day 6


Finally getting to my blog. Worn out today. I took the day off of work to rent a uhaul trailer and move everything to the new place. Luckily my wife's family came along to help and my grandpa let me borrow his truck. We are thankful for everyone that has helped us with all of this lately.

I was surprised to see how much we really had. We filled a 6'x12' trailer plus the back of the truck bed. Barely. Our home is FILLED with boxes and accessories, food, bathroom and bedroom completely furnished, most of the kitchen furnished. My wife has had apartments so she's accumulated some necessities. That helps us out though. I also used to email companies and tell them how much I love their products and ask for free things. I have tons of condiments, shirts, mugs, you name it, from that too.

I have to work tomorrow but she is going to continue sorting all day. I think she said her mom was coming by to help also. Which is good because she already organized all of our clothes/closet today.

As we have been going through our stuff we've noticed a few of our nicer things have gone missing. I have a whole bag of Fiskars scissor products that are brand new. The two nicest pair are missing. Everything was together in that bag. I don't think two pairs of heavy duty unopened scissors could fall out and nobody see them. Also she said a Swarovski picture frame is missing. No pointing fingers but hopefully they turn up somewhere soon.

Alright our sheets are done in the dryer. Time to get some sleep after such a long day!

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