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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Week 15 Day 3


Another easy day at work. The store I'm at now is a much easier/better one to work at than my last. Coworkers actually help and it makes my life a lot easier. Anyways I would expect it to be busier since Easter is this weekend. I started a cubed pork shoulder early when I got there this morning. Took the bone out and cubed it and browned it in my handy electric skillet. I then let it simmer with some water and pan juices for about an hour. I added some Frontera Carnitas Sauce that comes in a packet to give it flavor. I then serve it as samples with some fresh lime squeezed over it and sour cream and chopped cilantro(pic). They are really good. People around here are kind of snobby/rich white people that don't appreciate good Mexican food though. Oh well. More for me.


Finished off the pork carnitas and threw a piece of tilapia in the remaining sauce and made a few fish tacos. Wow were they good! My wife texted me and said she was getting Chipotle for lunch. I said who needs that when you have these, and sent her a pic of the tacos.

We need to get all of our mail changed to our new address. Will probably take a while but eventually it will get done. The post office left us an address change card to fill out in our mailbox so that's a helpful start.


After work I went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house. I left my wife's car phone charger there so I needed to pick it up. My grandpa just got an iPhone (hilarious, he is really into computers and technology). So I was helping him learn how to use it. I showed him how to text message and downloaded Facebook app for him. Yes, he also has Facebook. I also had to use their printer to take care of some paperwork for our lease.

About 3 hours later(slow computers and trying to teach an 80 year old how to work an iPhone), I got home. We made some burgers and fries for dinner. We have been relaxing ever since, going to watch a movie and get to sleep.

We have an Easter party on Saturday to go to, and two on Sunday. The perks/hassles of having several sides of the family.

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