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Friday, March 29, 2013

Week 15 Day 5


By the time I got home last night and ate dinner. I was too tired to update. However quite a bit happened yesterday afternoon.

About an hour after I got to work they told me they are changing the schedule and I would have to work 8-4 on Easter Sunday. Now we have never worked on Easter in the past. Also, according to my union, Thursday is too late to change the schedule without me agreeing to it. It has to be done by Wednesday, from then it is final. I already have two family parties planned for Easter because I knew we were off. When I told them no sorry I can't do it, they basically said too bad it's already changed and the store manager wants to be open on Easter now. I called around to a few of my ex coworkers that are at other stores now that know our union rights very well. They all said absolutely not, they cannot do that and to call and tell my union rep.

Instead of causing those kind of problems I simply went up to my store manager and said "Look, I will not be here Sunday." He asked why not? I said because it is Easter and I have plans already, maybe if it was considered a holiday(which I would make double time and a half. Worth it) but I don't even make time and a half. His sarcastic response was "I'm sorry about that." I went on to explain my union rights and that they cannot change the schedule on a Thursday and a few other points to which he told me that I am yelling at him. Now come on, if you know me you would know I was most likely NOT yelling at anyone. But talking to him is like talking to a brick wall. He's very manipulative with his words and if you go to him about one thing, you walk out 15 minutes later thinking to yourself "What just happened? Did he even answer my question?"

Anyways he told me to figure it out with my direct manager. Which still really isn't even my problem considering I shouldn't have been put in this situation in the first place. But I did, and got it straightened out. I am off Easter.

For the first time in 7.5 years I actually stood up for myself and exercised my union rights.


I ran to my mom's house this morning to pick up some of our mail. I switched a lot of my addresses over to our new address this morning as well. So hopefully I will have less and less going to my moms. Just have to keep remembering to switch it because I have so many different bills and banks and stuff I know I didn't change them all yet. I also washed my car since it has been in the 50's and sunny. My car hasn't had a bath in a while. I like it so I guess it deserved one.

Came home around noon and my wife was off work. She had a half day today for Good Friday. We went to the Dollar Tree and Super Target for a few things. Got a baking sheet at Target and some things at the dollar store. We got some Easter decorations there too(see pic). At Target she wanted to look at the maternity clothes(she's getting a little bump) because she will be needing them soon. She is starting to get uncomfortable in her jeans and work pants. Then of course we had to walk through all the baby aisles. She is so ready to have a baby its unbelievable. I think for men it's more exciting when the child is actually here and that's when reality hits more. Being pregnant, the baby is not really a part of us like it is with the woman. It's just different.

We then went to ALDI. I love ALDI. By the pictures you will see that we probably don't need anymore groceries for a long time! Anyways we loaded up our cart pretty good and the total came out around 60 dollars. It would easily have been over 100 anywhere else(except maybe Walmart l). Their food is actually good too, things like ketchup and mustard at ALDI are very comparable in taste to Heinz and Kraft. But half the price.

She doesn't get sick anymore. She is always forgetting to take her prenatal vitamins too. I'm not that strong of a believer that you need to take stuff like that. They didn't have half of the things like they do now when I was born and let's face it, I am perfect! (Just kidding!)

Have to be up at 5:30am and at work by 7am. Will be busy tomorrow. So I better get some rest!

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