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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 9 - Halloween Spirit


My day off today. We were able to get out and run some errands. However, it took Brynlee a few hours to decide that she was ready. First, she was hungry, hungry, hungry. Then of course, after we got her ready in nice fresh clothes, she decided to poop, while she was being changed. So naturally, it got all over everything. But once that was all taken care of, we ventured out.

We took my car today. My car is a lot smaller than my wife's. But I would say it worked out pretty good. We had a lot of driving to do, so my car is much better on gas.

We visited my Grandma, and Grandpa, because they are leaving for out-of-town tomorrow. They will be back in a few days, but they wanted to see Brynlee before they left. My Grandma made us Philly cheesesteak sandwiches for lunch, and Brynlee had breast milk. If I was her, I would be ready for something besides milk every day. How boring. At least maybe throw some chocolate in there, and mix it up a little bit? Better not. That's not in the "Newborn Handbook". (That we don't own)

Another stop at Babies-R-Us, our home away from home, because she needed a bottle warmer. We had been warming the milk in the microwave, in a glass bowl, because that was our only option. We had gone to Babies-R-Us before to get the warmer, and ended up getting home to realize that we forgot it. So now we have one, finally.

Halloween is coming up, and we think it's only appropriate to dress her up, as long as ourselves (though, I will probably have to work). We actually have an outfit or two, already, but we like to look, too. Spirit Halloween store has a ton of cool costumes, and gadgets. We didn't buy any costumes, but we did pick up a few house decorations, since we don't really have any.

She was really good all day, especially during the shopping. She stays pretty quiet, or asleep. But our last stop was at Carter's baby clothing store and she fussed the whole time. She is eating a lot, but seems to spit up a lot of it afterwards. I looked up online the causes, and basically they say that baby's spit up naturally. To try giving her less at a time, making sure she is burped, and to use pacifiers, too. We are thinking maybe she isn't feeling too well, either. Not really sure. She seems OK at the moment. 

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