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Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 8 - Visiting Daddy


My wife ventured out on her own today for the first time since Brynlee was born. Where did they go? To see Daddy at work!  

My coworkers were able to meet Brynlee and she was excited to meet them too. Or maybe not, since she was sleeping... Oh well. 

They went to lunch with me, but it wasn't really a "lunch". More of a "feed Brynlee, then oops she puked it up and now we need a booger sucker but we don't have one in the diaper bag so we have to run to Walgreens, and they are all out of the basic ones so we have to buy the one in the kit that costs 15 dollars".  Did you get all of that? I had about 4 minutes to eat McDonalds. Good thing I wasn't even hungry.  

In other news, the Chicago Bears beat the Pittsburgh Steelers last night. Making them 3-0 so far. Awesome. 

Chicago Blackhawks are getting ready to start a new season next week, too. So there goes all of my extra free-time, if I even have any free-time. Brynlee is a lot of work! Luckily for me, her mom takes on a lot of the work. 

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