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Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 5 - Our Little Hairball


I already am dreading leaving her in the morning, when I have to go to work. My wife is nervous too, about how in six weeks we are going to have to give her up a couple days per week, to a babysitter. It would be nice if one of us could stay at home, but it would also be nice if the bills would pay themselves. We both have to work.  

This is what I have to leave in the morning...

Our little hairball, all swaddled up and comfy. She was smiling before I took that photo. I missed it. 

We are very thankful and appreciate all of the congratulations that we have received from friends and family. We are getting all kinds of letters in the mail, as a matter of fact, my wife called me a little bit ago, and said she was going to cry, because Brynlee got her first letter, addressed to her, today. 

I'm thinking that next week we are going to slow down on the visitors. It's been so overwhelming lately with everything that we have to do, that time is already passing us by. We haven't had much of a choice to enjoy her to ourselves. I think it's important to have that family bonding time. Especially since the six weeks my wife has off is going to fly by. 

Oh, and I guess Brynlee decided that she would have an "explosive" bowel movement while my wife was changing her diaper, earlier. So I have that going for me today.... When I say "explosive", I mean like "Have to clean the walls" and "Steam clean the carpets", explosive. Of course I found it kind of funny because it was my wife and not me, but I'm sure my day awaits. 

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