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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 6 - Free Huggies!


I want to give a special thanks to a fellow dad blogger, Jim Higley, for congratulating us with a whole crapload (and used for crap-loads, you know) of Huggies diapers. He did some work for Kimberly-Clark, and they allowed him to give away a bunch of Huggies to a lucky family. Well, because Brynlee was born on Sunday, the day of the giveaway, he was nice enough to make us the winners! So thanks again, Jim. 

Oh and he also invited me to be a part of the #BigLeagueDads Campaign by Dove MenCare. This includes attending a Chicago Cubs baseball game tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have to work! 

Brynlee slept good last night. We did had to get up at around 2am to feed her. But it wasn't so bad. She got back to sleep pretty quickly. 

My wife's sister came over last night and we ordered pizzas. She is in love with Brynlee and vice versa. She loves her aunt, and her aunt sure spoils her! 

My wife caught this photo this morning while she was sleeping. I said she must be dreaming about her dad again! 

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1 comment:

  1. Yay for free Huggies! You and your wife have a precious little girl...and look at ALL that hair!!!


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