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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Week 34 Day 2 - Twitter Parties


Ok, if you follow me on Twitter, I apologize for being extremely annoying. I have recently found this new phenomenon called a Twitter Party.

Hosts from all over, usually Bloggers, create this sponsored parties, where you talk about a certain brand, or product, and answer questions that they ask. Usually amongst hundreds of other people also following the party. But they giveaway prizes throughout. Many giftcards, trips, even an Electrolux refridgerator. Pretty cool, but an easy way to waste away your whole day. They last an hour, and have about 5 giveaways throughout, on average.

I made sure to clean the whole house before jumping in today. That was everything is done, before I get sucked in. But I didn't win anything :(

It's a great tool to get your name out there, and gain new followers. So if you are a blogger, or just like free things, I suggest looking into these Twitter parties. A good website to find them is @

Got some good videos of the baby moving yesterday. Check this out.

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