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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Week 31 Day 3 - Angels for @TaliaJoy18


Time is really flying by now. Everyday she is getting a little bit bigger and bigger. In the beginning you couldn't even tell she was growing, but now, like they say, the baby grows rapidly. I think I read that it's something like a half a pound per week now, until the end. That's pretty rapid if you ask me.

We are still pretty bummed out that we couldn't get good pictures of her, she is being a little pain! We need her to get up and out of a little "nook" that she found, and likes to stay in. She has a few things going against her, the placenta is close to her face, her face is right up against my wife's skin, and her head is back in that nook. Those three things make it hard to get a good face picture with the ultrasound. Maybe she is shy?

Talia Joy Castellano

I would like to introduce you to this special 13 year old girl. She lost her battle with cancer yesterday morning, but not before touching the lives of millions of people. Her YouTube channel has over 20 million views. She had an interest in make-up so she would review products and demo them for her subscribers. 

Maybe it is the "parent" in me that makes this story so touching, because I can't even imagine how this must be for her family. Especially to see such a bright, young girl, who has inspired so many, and who was always so positive and happy to be alive, have to end her life so early.

Rest In Peace Talia - July 6, 2013

Please watch her appearance on Ellen. This was from last September. I remember seeing her on TV and thinking "Wow, what an inspiration. I hope she beats cancer, because she clearly deserves to."

Her Facebook page - Warning: Extremely SAD! Angels For Talia

Her Twitter page - @TaliaJoy18

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