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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Week 31 Day 2 - Crib Is Up


Crib is finally up. It was really easy to build, actually. A few screws and that was it. I was thinking that it would be an all-day project. My wife and I had it up in about an hour.

We still need the mattress and bedding though. We registered for the mattress and the bedding is already picked out. We just don't have it yet. The baby's room is really coming along though. Almost ready now!

I put up a picture of our baby shower invitation on Instagram a few days ago. This is the response I received from TinyPrints, where we ordered the cards from!

I thought that was pretty cool!

We are going back again next week for another try at the 3d Ultrasound pictures. Her little face is so smashed in there up against my wife's skin that it's hard to get a good look at her. We have pictures but they are pretty distorted. Either her nose is cut off, because of the ultrasound "wand" having to be pushed too hard against the skin, or their is placenta in the way. The pictures are almost scary looking so I will wait until we can get some clear ones. If the next attempt doesn't work, then I think we will just give up on them. Three attempts is enough.

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