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Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 29 Day 1 - Baby Girl Clothes


Another day in paradise here at work. At least I'm off in a couple hours. 

Yesterday we did some grocery shopping, maybe a little too much, considering that my ice pack for my lunches is so buried in the freezer now that I wasn't able to find it this morning. At least we won't be hungry for the next couple months. Eating a nice, fresh nectarine right now. One of my favorites. 

We stopped at Target and Kohls as well. Like we always do, we ended up in all of the baby aisles. My wife and I like to look at all of the clothes. Sometimes she gets a little carried away there, but it's ok. I know how excited she is, well, how excited we BOTH are. 

We also found out today that one of my friend's girlfriend is pregnant. So that's pretty cool. We know a lot of people that are pregnant. Either we are just at that age, or there is something in the water. 

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