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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 28 Day 7 - Happy Sunday


Was up late last night putting the baby shower invitations together. Actually I fell asleep, and my wife finished them. They were actually quite a project, glad they are finished. Just have to get them in the mail. 

I worked 11 hours straight yesterday. I'm a little worn out today, but back at work. I don't pass up overtime. 

I am off work Tuesday. We have an ultrasound in the morning, which is always exciting to see! My dad will be in town also so maybe if the weather holds up we can get a round of golf in. Got a brand new set of clubs for Xmas that I haven't even taken out of the box yet. 

I thought I was finally going to be off of work this year for the 4th of July but it turns out I am working. 12-9pm actually. Pretty bad hours for that holiday but it should be pretty easy later in the day. Everyone will be out enjoying their fireworks. I'm off Friday so that's not so bad. My wife was a little upset that we can't spend the 4th together. But on the positive side, it's double time and a half pay. Nice. 

Little baby has been kicking a lot lately. It's almost scary now how hard she kicks. Especially when your not thinking about it. Like last night I was sorta laying on my wife on the couch. Next thing you know my head is being kicked off of her lap. I guess I was hogging her space!

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