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Friday, June 28, 2013

Week 28 Day 6 - Eight Things I Have Gone Without This Pregnancy


I got to thinking, not only has my wife had to give up several things during her pregnancy, but so have I. There are certain things that pregnant women cannot have anymore. Or, at least, SHOULDN'T have. I suppose there are pregnant women out there that don't abide by the "rules". And that is fine, but it's not us. My wife is very strict about it, if the doctor said it's not recommended, then she is not doing it.

There's a good chance that because she isn't doing it anymore, I am probably not doing it either. Or a lot less. So as I was thinking about the things that we no longer are a part of, I came up with this list.


We both LOVE sushi. There are several places around our area that are just incredible. The main reason we no longer eat it is because the chance of foodborne illness is much higher in raw foods. While pregnant, your immune system isn't as strong, therefore creating a higher risk of not being able to fight off any illnesses that could be caused from eating sushi. Plus sushi is expensive...



 Another raw delight that we can no longer participate in. I actually ordered a few at Red Lobster while she was pregnant. She just looked at them sadly, while I enjoyed them. She possibly had a tear in her eye. I haven't had them since.


She hasn't had any since she found out she was pregnant. I on the other hand, have. I like a nice, cold beer on a hot day. So what? I sometimes miss drunk wife. She is pretty funny when she drinks. At the same time, I always have a Designated Driver. I don't drink much if I do. One or two max.


We both had tanning packages. She ended hers immediately, even though they consider tanning while pregnant safe now. Or you might have to do something differently, like stay in less time or something. I'm not really sure, look it up if you'd like. I kept tanning just up until about two months ago. I gave it up more for the money savings. Plus there is a Banana Boat self-tanner that works great. Need that money for the baby!


I still do occasionally, and we do go for walks sometimes. But I used to be really dedicated. Not anymore. I would like to be, but we have so many other priorities now that it's hard to find time. I have no space here. My workout room turned into a baby's room. I could go to the gym, but my crazy work hours wouldn't allow a regular schedule. So I will just get fat. 


What's that? You want to buy something for yourself? Forget it. All of our extra money goes towards baby stuff. Having a baby is EXPENSIVE. No money for gadgets or toys. This baby already owes me more than she can imagine. If you read this 20 years from now. I missed out on Apple TV because of you. 


Every day I wold buy a Monster, or Rockstar energy drink at work. It helped me get through the day. Plus, I really like how they taste, and they are refreshing. But at 1.50 a piece, they had to go. Occasionally I will get one, but it's a rarity now. That's a lot of money saved in the long run.


Still have it, barely ride it. It's next on the list to go. At a couple hundred dollars a month for payments and insurance, we just don't need it anymore. Plus it's a crotchrocket. It's made to go fast. What does going fast do? Speed kills. I am having a baby now, she needs her father to stay alive. Hopefully in the future we can get a nice cruiser bike. Something not made to break the law.

We were driving the other day and I noticed this sign. Somehow. 

hidden sign
Effective Advertising at it's finest.

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