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Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 28 Day 1 - Fetal Hiccups


Officially in the third trimester. We are coming closer to the end. Or should I say the beginning? Only 12 more weeks to go, if she stays put to the end of the term. My wife thinks that she will go early, she has had dreams and signs of early labor. So she might be here even sooner!

Once the baby room is painted, I will get the crib set up ASAP. We will then need to rearrange the room a little to make everything fit right. It's not very big, but will suffice for the time being. She also picked up some gates for the top of our stairs. We won't really need them yet, but eventually will, and now it's one less thing we have to worry about later.

She still has abs!

While I was taking those pictures, she was feeling around and thought that she felt the baby's heartbeat. After a little staring at eachother, trying to figure out if it was actually her heartbeat or not, my wife realized that it was, in fact, NOT her heartbeat. It was the baby hiccuping! She said that she read that babys hiccup inside the belly, and that it is completely normal. Sure enough, the longer we felt, the more we could tell that we were feeling hiccups. Cool!

Some interesting information about fetal hiccuping

  • Almost all women will feel their baby hiccup sometime during the pregnancy
  • The fetus drinks amniotic fluid. When it does, the diaphragm contracts and causes hiccups
  • It can hiccup once the central nervous system is formed, anytime after late first trimester
  • However, you probably won't feel it until late second trimester
  • Fetal Hiccups are extremely normal
  • Some babies will hiccup on a daily basis
  • If it doesn't hiccup, that is normal too!

My wife's point of view. Can barely see her toes anymore!

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