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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Week 27 Day 7 - Nursery Paint


Short and simple. Met my wife at Home Depot after work to get a gallon of paint for the baby's room. We ended up getting Behr Premium because the associate told us that it is the least amount of fume's. He seemed genuinely interested in my wife's health, being pregnant. He told us that you can buy Benjamin Moore's all-natural paint. Which is probably the best, as far as health and natural ingredients are concerned, but is also double the price. 

I think we can just go outside for a while that day instead.

I have been gaining fans via my Instagram account. I post lots of pictures daily, about the pregnancy and our life in general. Become a follower @PregoForMenBlog.

Snapped a pic of my wife making me lunch this morning. Look at that bump!

In case you were wondering what I do at work! That's a whole pork loin. Yum, pork chops!

Some cool storm clouds rolling in this evening.


Just got back from Target. My wife decided at 8:30pm that we needed to run to Target, which closes at 9pm. I'm the type of person that doesn't really like to rush when I am shopping. But she will. We had to look at some lamp shades, and make sure that fit right. She has them on her baby registry, and since invitation are going out shortly, the registries have to be figured out and set. We got everything figured out, and also got a tablecloth. Finally, we can't be scratching our beautiful new table!

Look at my two babies making us dinner! (Not her boobs!)

We want one of these! Any opinions?

I'm not much of a lamp guy...

Baby bathroom stuff. I didn't know there was so much.

Aww! Towels for her.

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