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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 27 Day 6 - Men's Pregnancy Symptoms


Hawks win! I haven't had a change to update today until now. Pretty busy at work all day, then came home and helped my wife go over our baby registry for the final time. Trying to narrow down everything so that we get exactly what we need, and with no duplicates across different stores either. It is very time-consuming, she has been working on it for a few weekends now. I think her mom and sister are coming over tomorrow to help figure out the baby shower stuff. We have the invitations picked out. Just have to get the invite list and addresses all straightened away. Another pain in the butt!

I think with the whole pregnancy thing, I have showed some symptoms as well as my wife.

  1. Weight Gain - I have gained probably 10 or 15 pounds since we found out she was pregnant. Stress probably plays a factor, baby's room used to be my workout room, and time consuming planning activities doesn't help either. Plus healthy food is expensive.
  2. Attitude Change- My attitude has become more "serious". I don't think like a boy anymore. Now I know what it feels like to "grow up" quick. I don't care about going out, or buying new things, it's all about baby now, and providing for the family.
  3. Hair Loss - Stress causes hair loss! I'm sure I have lost some already. Plus I am just getting older and that's what happens, I guess. Time for some good hair loss shampoo! I have heard good things about Regenepure DR. It's 25 dollars a bottle, and contains Ketoconazole, which is proven to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth by disrupting the production of DHT. It's also anti-dandruff. You can get it online at
  4. Tired Constantly - With all the stuff there is to do, I am exhausted. I feel like all we ever do is work, or baby stuff. The occasional hockey game is watched, but usually while balancing some other tasks too. I can't even imagine how busy we will be the first couple years of our baby's life. Yikes!

While we were going through the baby registry, my wife showed me a gadget that you set reminders on. It reminds you when to check the diaper again, or check on the baby sleeping, or feed the baby. Kind of like a "How to have a baby" for dummies book. But not a book. She said it's for dads and that I should have one. What is that supposed to mean!? Why do I need a reminder? Because I forget everything? I guess she has a good point.

Found it - "ITZBEEN" Baby Care Timer

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