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Friday, June 21, 2013

Week 27 Day 5 - Jacked-In-A-Box Review


We both had long days today. I just feel exhausted. Not too sure why, work wasn't that bad. She said that she was non-stop at her job today though. She didn't even take any breaks.

I was thinking very seriously about something earlier while I was at work. "I could get a lot more done, if there was less to do." Stupid, I know. Almost as stupid as "North West", Kim and Kanye's new daughter's name. Really? I hope it's a media hype, and they announce that it's not the real name in the near future. They are good at making money off of hype's like this.

Who's ready for a new prego picture?

Oh, did you want one of my wife? Here you go...

Almost to the Third Trimester!


$15 a month

Guy's this is one for us! If your into hitting the gym (like I am, or I should say "used to" since I haven't as much as I should!) then this is something to be interested in. Every month you get a box with 5-7 samples handpicked by Jim Stoppani and other editors of Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, and Men's Fitness magazines.

I got lucky though. This month featured MuscleTech products, which are normally the most expensive. It looks like they teamed up with them to provide some extra products. Check it out!

Thanks MuscleTech for giving me even more great stuff!

T-Shirt, X-large, a little too big for me :(

Nano Vapor, a pre-workout drink, this stuff works! Gives a ton of energy, not for the faint of heart!

MSRP is around 60 dollars I believe.

A shaker cup. A really NICE shaker cup. You put your protein in the bottom and liquid in the top, mix in when you are ready. The strainer looking piece, blends the mix while you shake. These are usually at least 10 dollars a piece.

More samples included!

Everything from the box.

I have had N.O. Xplode, and Assault. Both were great products. Ate one of the protein bars on the way to work today, it was actually good.

Great offers for Muscle & Fitness magazine subscription included as well.

This box is FOR SURE worth the price. Men love this stuff. I am willing to bet that at least 80% of men out there have had some sort of interest in working out. Most need the boost from supplements. It really does help, and this box gives them the opportunity to explore some of the options out there. Would make a great gift. Good age ranges for this stuff are 18-30 years old, I would say.

*Disclaimer - I did not receive any compensation for reviewing this product. I do get them at a reduced rate, or free. I will never recommend a product that I don't honestly approve of. My guarantee to my readers -  PregoForMen

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