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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Week 27 Day 4 - World's Best Husband Trophy


I'm trying to watch Game 7 of the NBA finals. I really hope San Antonio wins it. I can't stand the Miami Heat anymore. They have talent, but they are such crybabies. 

My wife and I took a nice long walk today after I got home from work. My grandma sent home some of her homemade spicy pickles with my uncle today or yesterday. Not sure. So we walked over there to pick them up. It was a beautiful night for it. And my wife always talks about how she would like to get out and walk more often. The doctor said she should keep active daily, it's good for her while pregnant. I actually wear a FitBit pedometer every day. Today, between work and our walk, I took 15,000+ steps. A daily goal(which is hard to get) is around 10,000 per day. 

She's looking at diaper cakes online right now as a possibility for the baby shower. Not sure if we would make our own or purchase one. I can't imagine they are very cheap. 

I'm actually sitting here waiting for a "World's Best Husband" trophy right now since I worked all day, came home and walked with my wife after taking out the garbage, then came home and made dinner and did the dishes. I think that's pretty impressive, although most moms would probably look at me and say "is that all?"

Some of our flowers in our entrance way. They are looking good!

I'm excited that I received a true men's box to review. (When I get a chance, that is). It's all workout related stuff! My favorite! So stay tuned...

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The more the merrier, right?


  1. You should definitely make your own diaper cakes :) have some of your close friends or family members over to help get the job done and to even chip in and provide some of the stuff you need if you are wanting to make more then one as decoration! my friend actually made one for our other friend and it came out really cool and i wrote a poem about it:

    1. Yeah we could make a fun little party out of it. Love the poem by the way!



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