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Friday, June 7, 2013

Week 25 Day 5 - Gyro Burgers


I have to share this with you because it is just too delicious. Today at work, we had some extra ground lamb and ground veal. They pretty much let me cook up whatever I want to let the customers sample our products. So this is what I came up with. Extremely basic. 

-1lb Ground Lamb

-1lb Ground Veal

-Seasoning of your choice, I used a peppercorn, garlic, and herb one

-Tzaziki Sauce (cucumber gyro sauce)

Just mix the two ground meats well with your hands. Form into patties. I made 5 decent sized ones from this amount. Season both sides generously with seasoning. Grill until medium or medium-well. Throw on a bun with some of the Tzaziki sauce. Like a gyro on a bun. Your welcome. 

I had several people ask where they could buy the burgers. I said you can't, you have to make them! They weren't too happy about that. Might have to keep this recipe to myself from now on. 

Like I said we went maternity clothes shopping yesterday. Can't believe how quickly time is passing. She got quite a bit of stuff and was so excited to wear it to work this morning. Usually she wakes me up when she gets up. But today she didn't. I suspect it was because she was too busy trying on all of her new outfits. If I get to sleep 30 mins longer than I will get her new clothes more often. Who would have known?

It's beautiful out today in Chicago. 78 and sunny. Maybe I can finally take the bike out for a ride later. 

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