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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Week 20 Day 4


Got a phone call from Ashely Furniture confirming delivery tomorrow between 8am-12pm. I won't get my hopes up for this one. Even if they do come something will probably be wrong. At least we got another 100 gift card out of it. We really like their dining room sets but after this experience it's hard to tell if we want to give them more of our money. We will see.

It's a lot cooler outside today. Which I guess is OK because I need a break from the motorcycle. I have quite a tan already just from the last couple days. I'm getting a haircut at 4:30pm and then possibly going to look at dining room sets with my mom.

My wife is at work. She started out on the wrong side of the bed this morning. She was crabby about running late getting ready for work and because a door shelf in the fridge broke too. I try to avoid her when she is like that but I know it's because of the hormones. Everybody has warned me that when women are pregnant stay out of their way! So I do. She is in a better mood now and was on time to work still.


 Well I went and got my hair cut. My hair-cutter is pregnant too. She is about 26 weeks. On the way home, stopped at grabbed our Ashley gift card. Of course it is two seperate 50 dollar cards. Each one states on the back, only one card can be used per purchase. So if I were to buy a 600 dollar dining room set, I couldn't use both cards, only 50 dollars worth. Figures. I asked the lady if I could combine them and she said yes, but who knows when the time comes. I inquired about a couple of the sets that we liked while I was there. I wanted to see how long until they could be delivered(since we are already going through this problem, do NOT want a repeat headache). Our top pick was at least two weeks wait. The second pick was over a month. Ridiculous. I guess we will look around at other companies that can actually deliver their products in a timely manner.

Paid a bunch of bills and ordered a pizza for dinner. Well, a huge buffalo chicken pizza, a cheese calzone, Caesar salad, breaded mushrooms, and Italian wedding soup. That's how we roll. At least we have lunch for the next few days.

She isn't as crabby anymore either. Thank God!

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