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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Week 20 Day 3


Well I have been playing around with my blog all morning. I created a Facebook Fan Page for it so check that out if you are interested!

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Last night she wasn't feeling too well. She laid down for about an hour while I finished up laundry and dishes. I rubbed her belly for a while because she was complaining that it was really bothering her. After a few minutes of that she felt a lot better and was able to get up and make dinner. A mexican feast that was delicious! (see pic)

While we were just finishing up eating, a bunch of emergency vehicles were piling into our subdivision, a few buildings across from us. So we decided to take a walk (good for pregnancy anyways). All the neighbors were outside watching as the firemen climbed up into a second floor unit(identical to ours). From what we could hear amongst people talking, it sounded like someone called because of smoke. Turned out to be nothing I suppose. But man did it bring the neighborhood out. We continued our walk around the subdivision because it was still a beauitful night. It hit 85 degrees yesterday and was sunny.

We came back home and because I had washed/waxed my car in the garage, I had my bike sitting outside. I needed to move all the cars around so I asked my wife if she wanted to take a quick joyride on the bike while it was dusk and still nice out. She said ok and we went for a quick 20 minute ride around town. I love when it's still nice out while getting dark. She mentioned while we were riding that she's not sure how much longer she will be able to ride for with her pregnant belly. I said we need to buy a cruiser bike so that it's more comfortable anyways. The sport bike just isn't cutting it for "cruising".

She has been taking her prenatal pills on a regular basis now for a few weeks. She hadn't been before, a lot of other stuff going on in our life that it was easy for her to forget.

OH! We are getting our living room furniture today! How exciting! Finally! We have been waiting about a month now for it. We were supposed to have it last Saturday but they pushed it back(typical). However, we talked to Ashley Furniture and they credited us back a little over 200 dollars, which I received today. So I would say that's fair. We got a steal on the set anyways.

I only have one load left of laundry to do and then it's free-time for me for the rest of the day. I might run to the store and pick up some tire-shine for my car since I must have left my last bottle at her sister's house before we moved.


Just got home from a nice ride on the bike. Filled up the tank and stopped at Autozone for some tire shine for my car.

The furniture delivery should be here anytime now. Kind of ruins the day since they give you a 4 hour window right in the middle of another beautiful day! But it is what it is...



Going to try to keep this blog positive from now on. Didn't intend to hurt any feelings. Sorry to anyone offended.


Had an easy dinner, I made some homemade buffalo chicken strips and fries.

Ashley Furniture called us 20 minutes before the end of their "delivery time window" to tell us that the brakes on their truck were starting to fail. Whatever Ashley! The warehouse closed at 7pm. Do I really believe that your brakes are faulty at 6:30pm? No, you just want to go home. We ordered this living room set in March, and have now had the delivery date pushed back twice. It would be a different story if we had living room furniture already and were just replacing it. But we don't. We have a useless living room. They have given us a couple hundred dollars back for the first delivery problem. Now we had to call and get the run around again and they are giving us a gift card this time. Big deal. We don't even want to buy anything from them again after all of this. Maybe by 2014 we will have a living room... A new delivery is scheduled for Friday. I won't get my hopes up this time.

Got to feel our little girl moving around again today. She is the size of a banana now and definitely a mover. Pretty cool moment in a guy's life to feel his first child moving around in their mother's body.

We ran to Dairy Queen for a treat with this nice weather. I got some brownie peanut butter blizzard of the month. My wife got a.. wait for this pregnant moment.... a banana split, minus the strawberries and chocolate syrup, just extra pineapple. And then instead of a regular bowl, she wanted it in a chocolate dipped waffle bowl. So weird...  Even the girl working was like what??

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